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BRAND (spanking) new

I'm SUPER excited to talk about my BRAND new website! It received a FULL makeover, NEW photos, NEW logo and a NEW focus! Since college took the portfolio approach, needing something more, it developed the service approach!

Sure the portfolio approach was pretty to look at, but it didn't explain anything about what I offered as a photographer. Listing my services and policies on the website gives my clients the information they need to fulfill their project, but most importantly it allows US to cut to the chase. From the moment we connect we can focus on the good stuff! That "good stuff" will help make your brand stand out!

Of course, the portfolio is still SUPER important! But like any display of your work it should be cohesive and minimal. My portfolio is broken up into two sections, business and LIFEstyle. Within those sections I highlight a wide range of what I offer without being overwhelming. This is where social media falls into place. If you want more you can follow HERE!

Now here's where I really stepped up my game! I always hid behind some abstract expression of who I was. I'm not one for putting myself (physically) out there, but I am Trisha Kelley Photography. I am my achievements and I am my work so here it is!


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