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Headshots 101: For Men

“What do I wear?” Is most common question we get after booking a headshot. It’s a question that’s seems so simple, but can be difficult to answer. Well, I’m here to break it down for you!

First impressions are everything, am I right? Your goal is to show your audience that you are someone they should pay attention to. People want to see someone who is well dressed, well groomed and feeling confident. So what should you wear?


  • Neutrals are safe. It’s best to eliminate neon colors, shiny fabrics and anything that will distract your audience. Go for universal colors like black, medium to dark blue, dark green, grey, wine, or burgundy shades.

  • TIP: Always ask your photographer what color backdrop is being used. This can help guide you in selecting what to wear.

  • T-shirts, short sleeves shirts, polo’s, shorts, cargo pants, and anything that seems like everyday attire is a BIG no-no! Whether you want to go business casual or fully conservative, start with your staples. Button down shirt, a nice pair of pants, and a great tie. From more serious professions, go for a sharp tailored suit.

  • TIP: When assembling your look, try to think outside the box. Look into subtle textures. Ex: Textured skinny ties.

  • Avoid wearing baggy attire and anything that can easily wrinkle. You need to showcase that you know how to dress to impress. Baggy and ill-fitted attire shows your audience that you are not serious about what you are trying to sell.

  • TIP: If wrinkles are an issue, change into your clothes when you arrive at the photo-shoot. Hang pieces inside a garment bag and let it lay flat so there are no winkles or creases.

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