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People Project. A Nude A Day

Remember Janelle Feigley from The People Project?

Well, she's at it again! Janelle, aka Elle Art Design, has committed herself to painting a nude a day in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 100% of the proceeds for the project is donated to charity. The models have the first opportunity to purchase their piece, at sitting fee value or donate it to auction in hopes to raise even more money for the cause.

Last year I documented this project, but this year I modeled! While being painted, I learned that each Woman is not only connected by the project itself but also through Janelle's pallet!

The process begins with choosing between two pallets that were left behind by previous women, this being the foundation of the painting. From there a pose, a sketch and genuine conversation, Janelle creates another piece for the whole. Once the painting is complete a new pallet is left behind for the next woman. In my opinion, this is the best part of the entire project! Check out our session below!

Showing Dates: Thursday November 1st 7-9P, Gossip Boutique

Solo Exhibition, Friday November 16th 6-9P, Sundance 410 Main St East Greenwich

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