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Janelle Feigley: The People Project

Just a few months ago I discovered Janelle Feigley, AKA @bohomamadrama, owner of Gossip Boutique is also a painter! Shortly after following her as @elleartdesign these beautiful abstract nudes started popping up in my feed. I knew she painted nudes but, she was pumping out some nudes. I had to know what she was doing, so I connected.

Janelle pledged for the month of October to paint a nude a day in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. I was drawn in by her passion and SUPER supportive energy. I had the pleasure of documenting her work and being apart of getting her message out. Turns out she produced over 40 nudes for the month of October, every painting was sold and 100% of the proceeds went to Breast Cancer Research! I'm excited to see how far the project will reach next year!

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