StyleWeek NorthEast Spring 2018

September 22, 2017















































 Who else gets gitty about attending a runway show?  I LOVE It and not just for the obvious reasons. I get excited for all the creativity and the individual statement. It's Intoxicating! 


Hats off to you StyleWeek for an AMAZING runway! It's a statement for sure. 


Unfortunately, being fashionably late caused me to miss the first show, Masen Fox. I saw the feed this morning and I'm truly upset I missed a great show! 


I was instantly attracted to CLOTHES HORSE CLOTHING's soft floral palette. I'm a sucker for a jumpsuit and her jackets were gorgeous! 


New designer, CHEVALIER HOMME, a men's ready to wear clothing and accessories line, was crazy cohesive! I was impressed that his sports wear and tailored styles flowed so well within the lineup.


Lastly, JEFFREY DICKERSON's royal metallic's were on point!  I LOVE this fabric in all the ways it was presented. Hair and make, on point too!   


Accessory Showcase: Kent Stetson, The Drip Bar 



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