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Introducing Trisha Kelley Marketplace

Last month on Etsy I opened up Trisha Kelley Marketplace! WOOT WOOT!

Creative BFF, Vinija Varghese aka Vini, and I created these beautiful desktop lay flats as a way to recharge our creative energy. We spent two full days working, I mean is it really work when you LOVE what you do? Then we did nothing. We sat on them. Sadly, it was a few months before we came to an epiphany. We finally realized, why not offer these little beauties to bloggers and business owners? They're of professional quality and creatively branded. Boom, Trisha Kelley Marketplace is open for business.

Trisha Kelley Marketplace will take your blog and business to the next level. We provide high quality, professional imagery as a platform for your brand to strive. Maintaining a visually appealing website is essential in today's market. Let us help you stand out! Our images are perfect for bloggers, small businesses, social media marketers, graphic designers and entrepreneurs. For custom photographic stock email:

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